Put your hands in the air because summer is here! If you’re lucky enough to get some rays, this is the time of year to get outside and soak it all up. Ok, so we might have been conditioned to fear the sun in modern times, but actually, sunlight is essential for humans, providing a whole delectable host of benefits ranging from better melatonin production (which improves our sleep) to boosting vitamin D levels for strengthening our immune system

But let’s not get too hasty because all this doesn’t mean that sun protection isn’t necessary. You need those hats, protective clothing, and non-toxic, mineral sunscreens to avoid sunburns and other heat-related conditions like heat exhaustion. Sweet moderation is key here. 

So, while we’re doing outdoorsy, summertime things (think soaking up the sun by the pool, running around the yard with the kids, or indulging in your summer vacation to the max) heat-related conditions are something you’ll want to be mindful of. Luckily, we’ve got some helpful tips including the promising benefits of CBD for heat exhaustion so you can get some sunshine goodness and stay safe.

The Symptoms of Heat Exhaustion 

You might associate sunburn as a thing to watch for as the sun beats down, but what about conditions like heat exhaustion? 

Heat exhaustion happens when the body overheats due to external factors, like getting sweaty during those super-active or mega-hot summer days. Being in high humidity places when temperatures are soaring dehydrates your body even faster and puts you at a higher risk for heat exhaustion. It’s always worth noting that it can happen to anyone, but it’s pretty common among people that exercise outside during the summer. The two main issues are salt and water depletion – these culprits are responsible for the many symptoms that can occur during heat exhaustion.  

The good news is that – heat-related conditions, including heat exhaustion, are preventable if you know what the signs are, and you need to act quick if you spot them. The other thing to remember is that heat conditions keep on going and escalate the longer you stay in the sun. So, top tip – the best way to avoid heat exhaustion and heat stroke is by getting yourself inside as soon as you notice symptoms like heat rashes, sunburns, or heat cramps.  Here’s a full list of symptoms to watch for:

What to Look for

  • Cold, pale, clammy skin
  • Heavy sweats
  • Fast, weak pulse
  • Nausea 
  • Muscle cramps and aches
  • Fatigue, weakness
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness, fainting
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Diarrhea

When to Get Medical Help

So, you’re feeling off, you’ve got inside, but when should you get yourself over to a doctor? Thankfully, the act of getting out of the sun, moving to a cool spot, and following advice for at-home treatment (more on this in a moment) will get you back on track in most cases. BUT, if you’re experiencing any of the following, make sure to seek medical help straightaway:  

  • Vomiting
  • Symptoms getting worse
  • Symptoms last longer than 1 hour or 30 minutes in children

*A little footnote here because this advice also depends on the “patient”. For example, when talking about children, you will need to get medical help as soon as you suspect heat stroke. Also be aware that other symptoms, such as fast breathing, feeling confused, loss of consciousness unresponsiveness, not sweating even when hot, or having a fit could mean your child needs immediate emergency care. Never wait and see, just seek medical help.

As long as you don’t experience the serious symptoms above, you can try and manage your heat exhaustion in a cool, comfortable place at home. Follow our tips below. 

Step one is finding that spot, either inside with air conditioning or in a shaded area, and drinking plenty of water with electrolytes or mineral salt as soon as you notice any of these symptoms. In short, don’t wait it out on the sun lounger to see which way this one is going to go! Staying in the heat when you have heat exhaustion can quickly escalate and put you at risk for heat stroke. 

Also, this is probably an obvious one, but given the risk of summertime temptations, also note that you should avoid alcohol, exercise, and anything else that promotes dehydration until you are fully recovered. Be sensible, and stick with water and electrolytes, or add mineralized salt to your cold water to get yourself back on track. At the same time, wearing loose clothing can also help increase airflow and help you combat heat exhaustion.

While addressing water and salt depletion along with relocating to a cool environment are key for treating heat exhaustion, there are other supports available for symptom management. CBD may play an important role in alleviating some of the side effects of heat exhaustion by providing the following promising benefits.

Preliminary research indicates that CBD may be effective for both nausea and vomiting. CBD may help with nausea while you work on replenishing your fluids. Remember, if you are experiencing vomiting with a case of heat exhaustion, please seek medical attention right away.  

Tip: Get the benefits of Balance Everyday Full-Spectrum Tincture with a scoop of a salt-focused electrolyte like Re-Lyte to your cold water to boost rehydration and combat icky nausea. 

CBD is celebrated for its muscle relaxant and pain relief potential. This natural alternative may help address the muscle cramps and aches that stem from salt and water depletion during heat exhaustion. 

Tip: Immerse your aching bod in our Soak Indulgent Bath Salts to replenish minerals while addressing aches and cramps. When dealing with heat exhaustion, be sure to pour in our Bath Salts with warm water to properly diffuse before adding cold water to get that temp right down to a cool soak. 

Small doses of CBD have been reported to be alerting, offering support for the symptoms of fatigue and weakness. Studies show that CBD may improve energy levels while combating fatigue by engaging with the body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. It’s important to get enough rest when recovering from heat exhaustion- while CBD may help with these symptoms, it shouldn’t take the place of proper rest.

Tip: Get your night nailed with our Dream Full-Spectrum Night Tincture and relish in the more restful, impactful sleep that’ll help you recover quicker from heat exhaustion. 

CBD’s encouraging anti-inflammatory properties have shown promise with headaches and migraines. This suggests that CBD may be a viable alternative to NSAIDs which have serious adverse side effects, especially when taken long-term. 

Tip: Get a quick fix by smoothing our Soothe Comforting CBD Body Balm to your temples for instant relief.

Press Pause CBD for Heat Exhaustion

While we love summer, we can all agree that heat exhaustion is zero fun, especially when we know that it can lead to more serious conditions like heat stroke. But that does not make us want to run for a dark cave. Instead, we’re all about proactive self-care and treatment, which are the keys to preventing further risks, meaning you can stay safe and soak up those hot summer days. For those smart women looking for safer, all-natural supports for symptom management, you only need to look at our high-quality, rigorously-tested line of women’s wellness products. Shop our premium products today or reach out anytime for more tips on coping with heat exhaustion.