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Dawn is curious, loyal, and full of surprises.  Torrey is eclectic, optimistic, and product crazy.  Helping others suits them both.

15 years ago

smallleaf About UsTorrey and Dawn met at a purse party and left with a lifelong friend rather than another bag.

Fast forward

smallleaf About UsWe still love to talk, laugh, and (try to) make people smile.

smallleaf About UsWe confide in one another on how to manage the balancing act of life.

smallleaf About UsWe believe in going big and feel we can do it all.

smallleaf About UsWe can and we do, but not without the side effects of stress and anxiety


smallleaf About UsWe discovered the power of CBD. It’s natural, it’s healing, and it’s effective.

smallleaf About UsAnd so, we encourage one another to take a moment and Press PAUSE

smallleaf About UsWe are committed to educating women regarding the benefits of CBD.

DAWN_HS-300x296 About Us

“I’m drowning in my own beautiful disaster,” Dawn Fable often says. Dawn is blessed with 3 healthy children, a wonderful husband and full time career. She realized that sometimes the craziness of life calls for a moment of Pause. “My husband and I were intrigued by the health benefits we experienced by incorporating CBD into our lives. For over 10 years, I suffered from generalized anxiety disorder and at times, it was consuming. I recognized it was starting to take away from being present with my family.” Dawn started on a daily CBD regiment and immediately noticed a difference. Dawn shared her story with others and in return, heard how CBD was changing the lives of so many others. It was shortly thereafter, she recognized that she wanted to be a part of that movement. Dawn set out as her own personal passion project to deliver a quality product. The best part of it all Dawn says, “ If I’m able to provide even a moment of pause for just one person in whatever it is they are going thru, this will all be worth it in the end.”

TORREY-HS-300x296 About Us

Senior year of high school, Torrey delivered a speech to her school entitled (and ripped off from Bobby McFerrin) ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’. Oh if that girl only knew what it was like to be married with 2 young kids and running multiple businesses! Most of the time though, Torrey continues to be the consummate optimist. Life in small-town Montana ensures that she and her family have a healthy lifestyle playing outside, skiing, hiking, rafting, and jumping at the chance for adventure. Still, there are cracks that allow for the stress and worry to seep in. So when Torrey met CBD, and CBD was able to naturally quell the panic, it seemed like something she had to share.


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