Mon-Yay: Is That Even A Thing?

You hear the term Fri-Yay all the time but you know what you don’t hear very often– Mon-Yay.

We probably don’t have to explain to you why, it is generally self-evident that Monday,  is in fact, a drag. That’s right, all the peaceful bliss you have spent the weekend revelling in seems to go right out the door the second you press snooze on your alarm clock–for the third time.  Yup, before you are even spoon-deep into your first cup of coffee, aka life, you are thinking about “all the things” you need to get done today. You remember “all the things” don’t you? The monotonous emails, the endless phone calls, the  tedious accounting, the endless work on the world wide web (wasn’t the internet suppose to make things easier btw?) In other words, “all the things” is really just the work you basically stopped doing at 5 o’clock, errr…3 o’clock, on Fri-yay when you bolted off to happy hour with the girls.  Now, these tasks, which were already piled up sky-high by the end of last week have toppled over–right smack into your Monday morning oatmeal (penance for your weekend pizza and pasta). Just like Garfield you have come to hate Mondays and love lasagna and your waistline is paying the price for both as you dump the oatmeal and grab the first sugary snack your greedy paw catches as you run out the door, 10 minutes late, with barely presentable kids in tow.  Mon-Yay: it just sounds stupid, it doesn’t flow off the tongue like Fri-yay at all. It doesn’t mean indulgence and fun and freedom from some, if not all responsibility (Saturday sleep-overs are a God sent). No, it means work and catching up and trying desperately to get that damn dog back in the house before you end up being even later than your boss will find fashionable–again.

We can all agree coming back to reality after the weekend sucks and sadly, at Press Pause, we offer no cure for the pain of Monday mornings, no recourse, solutions or defense of the madness that is the beginning of yet another hectic week.  However, we do offer a variety of CBD care products to take the edge off and, if we may, a word of advice– just breathe. Ok, that’s two, but you know what we mean. Just take 30 seconds to gather your thoughts, anxiety, and stress and just breathe them out before you let the Monday whirlwind get the best of you. You are the maker of your own destiny–you’ve got this.  You may be late today, you may not quite finish “all the things” but take some time to be present, breathe calmly and certainly, those mountains will look a bit more like molehills.

Today is a day you can handle.

Today is a day you are going to get soooo much stuff done.

Today is a day you are going to rock!

But most importantly, today is merely a short jaunt, in a series of five, that gets you back to where you want to be:  Fri-Yay.


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