Weekly Reflection: Achieving Balance by Practicing Self Care

Most women struggle with taking time to practice self care. We are inherently nurturing; the basic principles of evolution argue that we must be in order for our species to survive. For this reason, our natural tendency is to put others needs first. For many of us, we find happiness from caring for our loved ones. When our loved ones are taken care of and their needs are met, we feel that we are fulfilling our role.

But many times our nurturing tendencies cause us to neglect ourselves. After all, making sure the youngest gets their nap time while the oldest gets to soccer practice and also taking care of the laundry and dinner is no easy task. It requires a vast amount of energy.

However, sometimes we go too far in focusing all of our energy on others. After a while of neglecting our spiritual, emotional, and physical needs, we become exhausted and we are no longer able to function up to our full potential. Life itself becomes a burden and as we suffer, so do the people around us, even if our intention is to care for them.

Buddha said, “If a man going down into a river, swollen and swiftly flowing, is carried away by the current — how can he help others across?” We can apply this concept to self care.

Taking time for oneself is important because it allows us to recharge. We can think of self as a basin of water. We need the water to survive, but so do those around us. Out of love and a sense of duty, we share our supply with them.

After all, there is a great deal of happiness that can be gained from living a generous life. However, as with all universal forces, this action must be balanced in some way. When our lives become out of balance, chaos ensues.

When we are constantly giving to others, we are slowly diminishing our water supply and before long, the basin becomes dry. We must take time to recharge and replenish.

When we take the time to Press Pause, we take time to ourselves. A simple 90 seconds in quiet meditation can provide relief from the stress and anxiety that cause us to suffer.

It’s so simple. Close your eyes, allow your shoulders and jaw to relax, soften your gaze, still the mind…inhale stillness and peace…exhale tension and worry…

When we Press Pause and practice self care, we are finding our center and restoring our lives to balance.

The Press Pause Project

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