Our Parents Love CBD Too!

Perhaps one of the most difficult things about turning 40 and this new decade is watching my parents get older. I am now confronting the age where the realization that my parents are no longer invincible has hit home- HARD. For many we grow up assuming that our treasured parents will be present for the important moments- you know…. Walking us down the aisle, being present for the birth of our children, experiencing their grandchildren’s “firsts” and the pure joy of being a part of our lives as we become parents. Unlike many other dear friends, including my husband who lost both of his parent in his 30’s, I recognize that I am still one of the lucky ones as my parents are here and doing well. Where am I going with this depressing rant, you might wonder…. Make each day count with our aging parents and help them feel their best!

Today, Forbes came out with an article that “51% of seniors who tried CBD reported an improved quality of life.” 42% of the seniors surveyed said they were taking the CBD to deal with inflammation, and 40.9% to deal with chronic pain. 38.6% said they were giving CBD a try in order to deal with poor sleep quality and 31.8% used CBD to deal with arthritis pain. And, it’s working. CBD helps with arthritis, CBD helps with sleep and CBD helps us, including our aging parents feel our best selves.


When we first launched the Press Pause, I can recall both Torrey and I being apprehensive of sharing our business model with our parents due to the stigma. As we should’ve both expected, they were our biggest cheerleaders and now some of our best customers!

Our parents may not be around forever but they’re here now, so make it count! Educate them on CBD, share articles, studies and encourage them to ask their friends or even doctors. Talk to them about CBD being safe and legal and help them do the research to find a trustworthy company that uses quality product and has 3rd party testing. Advocate and encourage them to be open minded. Better yet, order it for them- Afterall, they put up with all your shit and paved the way for us to be functioning adults in today’s society. They deserve to feel their best. Oh, all you boys out there that are fortunate to have your Mom’s around. Do us a favor and call your Mom to let her know how much she means to you/

With love,

Dawn & Torrey

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