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Roe vs. Wade: Our thoughts & further resources

Press Pause has always been dedicated to empowering our fierce community of women across the nation, creating a safe space to support one another through all the unique challenges that every stage of womanhood presents. With the recent overturn of Roe vs. Wade, our hearts break for the women from all walks of life that are impacted by this egregious decision. Regardless of your political stance on reproductive rights, the greater issue at hand is the lack of personal autonomy and medical freedom this creates for all women in our country. During this turbulent time, it can be easy to turn on one another over the various complexities of this issue. But now, more than ever, we need to come together in order to fight for equality and the right to our individual freedoms over our own bodies. In doing so, we felt compelled to share the following message from our friends at HeyMama. We’re always looking for better ways to support our community, whether that’s listening to how this personally impacts you or sharing helpful resources – we see you and we hear you.    


With love,

The Press Pause Team


A message from HeyMama:


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In the spirit of inclusivity, HeyMama has always tried to remain politically agnostic to create a safe space where all mothers holding all views and opinions can come together to support each other, learn from each other and grow together. We want the spirit of the community to be based on the shared interest of elevating more mothers, helping more mothers to build successful businesses, and developing deep relationships based on shared values not focusing on differences. Mothers with all opinions are always welcome and open to exchange in respectful conversation on all topics in HeyMama, but as leaders we would be remiss not to take a stance and lend the voice and power of our brand to an issue that will shape the future of our children in this country. If you disagree with our stance that is your right, but we cannot stand by silently after Roe v. Wade decision when so much is at stake.

What exactly is at stake here? It’s more than can be imagined… Reproductive health services are used by nearly ALL women – 99% of women have used contraception, and 24% of women have had an abortion by age 45.

  • Denying the right to reproductive healthcare will force women without resources (like childcare that our country does not provide) –  especially those from underrepresented communities –to parent and support children they may not be equipped to handle.

  • If abortion is restricted at fertilization, IVF will also be off the table. There are currently more than 1 million frozen embryos in storage in the US

  • Without access to procedures like D&C for conditions like ectopic pregnancies women will suffer

 These are just some of the obvious impacts.

 The impact will be felt in the labor force, in the economy, and in the overall health of the country.

Women comprise over half of U.S jobholders with 76 million working in full – or- part time roles. This accounts for $7.6 trillion – or 40% of annual U.S. gross domestic product.*

This ruling cuts to the core of the equality all women have been fighting for tooth and nail.  How can women be equal if we do not have control of our bodies and reproductive rights, yet the other half of the population does?

This issue is dividing our country when as mothers we need to stand together to fight for the equality that is slipping in the workplace, at home, and with our own bodies.

We are looking at a future with restricted access to birth control where women will be forced to carry unplanned pregnancies and then offered no childcare support. At the moment there’s a formula shortage, so mothers are told to just breastfeed more and longer, but a bill can’t be passed to increase pumping opportunities. Mothers, how does this all add up?

While we may get letters with opposing views, know that our mission and reason for creating this community has always been for the advancement of mothers. We have always stood Pro Mom and can see no other way to do that than to sound the alarm and rally mothers together for our rights and for equality.

What can we do?

Vote in every election.

Share your story, if you feel comfortable, about how the overturning of Roe v. Wade impacts you.

Support others who share their stories with kindness.

Sign the Don’t Ban Equality Coalition (HeyMama is a proud member)

Use intention to have conversations about this cause, give space to listen and share data to keep the conversation going. Let’s create allies not enemies.

Hidden Value: The Business Case for Reproductive Health, How Companies Can Strengthen Reproductive Health Care

-Amri + Erika