Moms Across the Nation Turn to CBD for Stress, Headaches, and More

We love hearing about how moms and women across the nation are turning to CBD for a natural approach to many of the problems that we commonly share. With more and more moms advocating for CBD, we’re honored to be a part of this movement. The more women that know about CBD and are able to share in the positive experiences ultimately makes it more readily available for others. This incredible interview that aired on Fox 46 provides some great insight about CBD and all the anecdotal data supporting it.

The Benefits of CBD for Moms

Many preclinical studies and anecdotal data has showcased promising pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety benefits. Rather than relying on pharmaceutical medication that always presents significant side effects, CBD has no long-term side effects and is generally well tolerated. This natural, plant-derived compound is a great alternative for over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen and aspirin. By signaling your own biology to cool its inflammatory response to external factors, your body can experience immediate relief from numerous conditions. CBD is a great option for moms looking for an effective option to manage stress, aches and pains, and all the other hurdles that can come your way. With no mind-altering effects, moms can stay focused and present.

Press Pause CBD Formulated Specifically for Moms

Developed by and for moms, Press Pause CBD offers 100% organic products specially formulated for stress and pain relief. Our CBD line is easy to incorporate into your daily regimen and may offer incredible health and therapeutic benefits. Our products are backed by the incredibly powerful tool of pressing PAUSE and allowing yourself a restorative moment to breathe, feel grateful, and get back on track. From PMS to daily stress, Press Pause CBD has you covered.

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