Which Mom are You?

Ever wondered what all the different “Mom” buckets there could be? After digging deep into a blog post our founder, Dawn Fable, wrote a few years ago about “The CBD Mom”, we decided to explore the other “Moms” out there. Which one are you?

The I’m Never Going Back to the Office Mom

The kids have started school, and it’s about time you start thinking about going back to work. But really, by the time you’ve driven them to school, finished tidying up the breakfast table, had a shower, loaded the washing machine, walked the dog, done the weekly shop, it’s pretty much time to pick them up again. So.. Maybe it isn’t time to start thinking about going back to work. Just yet. 

The Crazy DIY Mom

This mom is badass. Opposite of a damsel in distress, she’s not waiting around for help, nor does she need to. The broken garden swing? Fixed. The squeaky floorboard? Done. The roof gutters are clogged? De nada. Leaky radiator? Don’t sweat it. She is rocking the plaid, and ain’t got time to wait for anyone. With her trusty toolbox and visor, this Mom could run her own construction business.

The I Run a Marathon Every Morning Mom

Has she really just burned 500 calories at Soul Cycle or did she just buy a new pair of Lulu Lemons. Because it’s 9am and I’ve only just dropped the kids off at school. How has this mom crammed in a workout? This Mom will partake in any local marathon and is a big supporter of sports day. Unless she looks like she could bench press you with her biceps, this Mom is always pretty approachable.

The Mom Who Says it How it is

This Mom is filled with love for her children and family. The more entrenched she gets into Motherhood, the more broken her filter becomes, and the more open and honest she gets. She’s rolled into a mother’s meeting with a huge cup of coffee, likely just having had breakfast in the car, and she announces she forgot to pack her kid’s lunch. Boom. She just says it as it is. 

The ‘Handsy’ Mom

This Mom isn’t afraid to show her love – to her husband and all her loved ones. Gushy emoji-filled messages are sent regularly – and sometimes to the wrong recipient! – for mortifyingly embarrassing “Gosh MOM” moments. Open about romantic aspects of her life, she sometimes over-shares, creating hilariously awkward moments amongst her gal pals.

The Mom Who Makes Every Coffee Irish

This Mom is the envy of every tired parent at the playground because she always has her ‘cup of Joe’. But it does make some wonder, is it really coffee? This mom is good to have around as a reminder not to freak out over every little thing.

The Mom Who is Always at War with the Neighbors

This may or may not be the Mom lurking behind their living room curtain. According to the neighborhood Facebook group, she’s read about organized meet-ups and is determined to be included. This Mom will constantly flag you down as she pulls out of the driveway.

The Mom Who Definitely Doesn’t Smoke

Smoking brings back memories for this Mom. Though she isn’t a smoker now, she probably was in her youth. When push comes to shove, she might sometimes fancy a little toke – just to take the edge off.

Teacher’s Pet Mom

This Mom has managed to exchange phone numbers with the teacher and on a full text rotation with them – DAILY! She’s constantly bringing coffee and gift cards, and always offering up help in the classroom. It’s likely that this Mom has even convinced the teacher to babysit for her kids on occasion. She’s vying for the teacher’s attention, and thinks that somehow it will translate into her child being the teacher’s fave.

The Martini and Birkins Momager

This Momager is in high heels, her makeup looks perfect, and you want to know where she bought her clothes. You envy the fact she can run after her kids in a dress, that she has a Birkin as a baby bag, and can still manage to look like a gazillion bucks.

The Drama Queen Mama

This Mom is zero chill. She shows up at your house unannounced because you missed one phone call, she’ll comment incessantly on your Facebook posts, and she is always going to be the hold up at the cash register. But who else is going to baby us when we’re sick, and remind us to file our taxes, or schedule doctor’s appointments?


The Corporate Ladder Climbing Mom

This woman is so professionally busy. She can barely look at you as her face is always stuck on her phone. She’s constantly shushing her kids, telling them “just a minute”; she can’t be bothered for even a hello and is constantly marching in and out the door. She may or may not sign in, has very few questions, and is unbothered by it all.


Of course, we always save the best for last so drumroll, please! 

The Press Pause CBD Mom

This chick is as cool as a cucumber. Something about this woman makes you want to be her best friend. She’s real, she has a genuine smile and you’re determined to find out how she ticks. She’s forthcoming in her struggles and not afraid to admit that she’s far from perfect. She admittedly but confidently suggests that every day, she is doing the very best she can and some days are better than others. She confidently shares that she’s doing a better job of recognizing the importance of self-care and uses CBD regularly. She reassures you it’s natural, non-intoxicating, and just makes things roll off her shoulders a bit easier. No doubt, a few of you ladies will resonate with this one 😉