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As schools begin to reopen, many of our beloved teachers are headed back to work. During these difficult times, THANK YOU seems wholly inadequate even before these circumstances. No words will ever be enough to express our gratitude and appreciation for all that you do.

Please know that your dedication, passion and love will forever be indebted in our hearts and the lives of our children. This very unspoken attitude will serve as lessons that will inevitably reach far outside the classroom as you demonstrate 3 of the MOST important life skills our children can ever learn…. rise up, pivot, and adapt.

As our dear friend @erinsays so beautifully reminds us, “Please be gentle with yourselves; this will not go “as planned.” Please let us know as parents, friends and family, how we can support you when you become weary. Please know we recognize that you did not signed up for this and yet, here you are… forging bravely into the unknown terrain.

We are very well aware that our “entire worlds” are being taught and cared by you each day. We do not take this privilege lightly, and it is the upmost of honors.

Your devoted fans,
Your Student’s Moms

Nominate a Teacher to Receive:

A Free Stress Relieving CBD Bath Bomb

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