Support For Spas & Salons

During these uncertain times, we understand the drastic impacts our salon and spa industry has experienced. We’ve been offering 30% discount to our consumers, but rather than offering discounts, we’d like to extend this opportunity directly to our spa partners. Become a Press Pause “quick” affiliate and earn 30% on every sale! 
We welcome you to join our mission to support health and wellness for members of our community while making a little income along the way. Complete our registration form and within 12 hours we’ll provide you with your own unique affiliate code.  You’ll get a check for all 30% of all the sales (minus taxes and shipping) that you generate.  Whether you send an email, post on social, or simply share through word of mouth, you’ll be making a bit of income during this difficult time.  
We will be making payouts every 2 two weeks and will start cutting check at $50 of income.  We know this isn’t much, but hopefully it can help!

Dawn Fable
Founder, Press Pause Project