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As moms and women, we understand the importance of a good nights sleep. That’s why we developed our all-natural, powerful Pause Sleep Tincture to help you achieve that restful sleep you’ve been dreaming of.

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“As a working wife and mom, I have struggled with stress and generalized anxiety. In fact for 10 years, I felt I wasn’t fully present for my career, my relationships or my wonderful family. In 2018 I set out on a mission. I incorporated a daily CBD routine into my life and immediately noticed a difference. Having been won over, I created Press Pause, a CBD brand for women, by women. One that would help us navigate the beautiful disaster we call life. One that would increase awareness of these struggles and educate women on the healing benefits of CBD, so we can all give one another permission, when life turns crazy, to Press Pause.”
~ Founder, Dawn Fable

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Pause Sleep Tincture

Fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up refreshed with Press Pause’s newest Sleep Aid Tincture. This powerful, organic CBD tincture combines the most well-known sleep enhancers CBD, CBN, and melatonin, the hormone naturally produced by the human brain to aid in falling asleep. Together, these ingredients signal the brain that it’s nighttime, helping your body and mind relax to get the restorative night’s sleep you deserve.

CBD 900mg | CBN 210mg | Melatonin 300mg

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