Press Pause to Become the Best Version of You Possible!

Sandra is a working mom who can definitely relate when it comes to balancing caring for her children with focusing on work, still being present with friends, and prioritizing her marriage. The constant running back and forth between playdates, work meetings, and wine with girlfriends took a serious toll on Sandra. Between lifting her twin toddlers in and out of her SUV, stocking her home with groceries, and the infinite list of house chores, Sandra was experiencing chronic pain and tension throughout her calves, lower back, and neck area. Our society is so bent on pushing through the pain, encouraging moms to never stop!

Sandra finally decided to take a moment and try our Pause Healing Cream featuring organic full spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil. She simply applied the cream on all areas that were affected and noticed the change within seconds. Sandra boasted over happy hour with her other mom friends, “I couldn’t believe how instantaneous the relief was! I feel like I’ve been in constant pain for months now and had forgotten what it felt like not to have muscle tension or chronic pain. I’m definitely the best version of myself now and don’t grimace at having to perform all my mom duties!”

Sandra is so happy that she pressed pause and took the few seconds she had to spare. The result is life changing— you and your family deserve it. For more information regarding Pause products, please contact us!

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