Wake. Pray. Slay. And Sometimes Ugly Cry:  Being A Female Entrepreneur

Being a female entrepreneur is HARD.  

There we said it.  Maybe we should just power through it,  keep our lips tightly pursed, try to make it look easy and, as the very outdated saying goes, never let them see us sweat.  But the truth, albeit nitty, gritty and raw, is important and the truth is– running a startup is the most challenging thing we have ever done–admitting it being a close second.   The long workdays blend into endless work nights, trying to check off just a few more items on a never-ending list of to-dos. The age-old strategy of just putting one foot in front of the other seems silly when our “legs” are just so damn tired.  And even Dory’s light-hearted mantra, “just keep swimming”, starts to rattle our frazzled brain when all we long for is a good night’s sleep and just once to stay in bed until 10 am. But being a “boss babe” while juggling family and a “real job”  just to keep the lights on while your second business slowly grows, doesn’t come with the luxury of sleep– or sanity for that matter. The cold hard truth is, nothing good comes easy and that is a lesson we have learned first hand over the past year of watching our passion project grow.  So why do we stick with it? Why put ourselves out there to get knocked down and stand up again? Steal time from our precious family to keep feeding the small biz monster?  It comes down to belief. Belief in ourselves. Belief in our product.   Belief we are starting a movement to help women (and men) like ourselves press pause on the sometimes overwhelming demands of life.  At Press Pause, we are creating something that we know makes people’s lives just a little bit better, often when they need it the most–in the face of overwhelming stress. We know this because we use our products ourselves and, one may argue, that is what keeps us trucking when we too need some respite from it all.  You are never going to hear us say Press Pause will make everything all better and, we certainly will never pretend all this is easy. But what we can promise you is with us, and the Press Pause brand, what you see is what you get and what you get is a commitment to provide the best CBD self-care products on the market–period.

At the end of the day this game ain’t easy but after countless ugly cries, piles of paperwork, exhaustive research, and conquering some fairly insidious self-doubt bringing our product to you has been nothing short of rewarding and that is what gets us out of bed in the morning


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