The Press Pause Story

In 2011, a group of wonderfully authentic women was assembled for a series of evenings to be recognized as the “one little word club”. Each woman was to choose a word- a word to focus on, internalize, reflect upon and be accountable for as we all went about the daily lives we were uniquely drowning in. Whether it was our careers, marriages, children or the need to keep up with our social media image, we were all overwhelmed and in search of something to hold onto. For one woman, the word was “PAUSE.” It was that word that stood out to this tribe of brave women. We all need a moment of Pause when life starts to spin wildly out of control and so The Press Pause Project was born.


Tenacious Labs

Tenacious Labs Purchased Press Pause Project in Early 2021.

Our vision is to be the world’s leading and most trusted cannabinoid group in a vibrant, competitive landscape. Our mission is to develop the category benchmark for good cannabinoid business, working with the world’s regulators, investors, industry operators and consumers to build and shape a robust, respected and transparent industry. Our purpose to eliminate the remaining stigma surrounding cannabis by creating lasting everyday standards, practices and applications the world can trust.

We work with growers, scientists and manufacturers from Jersey UK to Colorado USA in order to produce the best quailty products. We are actively collaborating with governments and industry bodies to develop clear regulations and good working practises. Together we are championing the standardisation of strength and dose in order to grow the category and develop a better understanding of cannabis’s true potential across all of its applications.

Giving you permission to press pause
As working mothers with children, we recognize we as women try to do it all. Oftentimes, we do, but not without the side effects of stress and anxiety. We tend to forget about the importance of self-care and taking a moment in our day to Press Pause. Life is filled with imperfect moments, small beautiful disasters and not enough moments spent being present. Having firsthand experience and life changing benefits of CBD, we have set out to formulate a quality, safe and effective CBD line designed for women who are so gracefully doing it all. We have made it our mission to increase the awareness and educate women on the healing benefits of CBD and giving one another permission to Press Pause.