Made By Women For Women

As women ourselves who are trying to balance our careers, our children and our relationships, we understand that sometimes, it becomes all together, too much! For each of our products, we were mindful in our formulations to cater to active women like us who are disproportionately impacted by stress, anxiety, tension and sleep. You will find that each of our products are the perfect ratio of quality ingredients and just the right amount of CBD that are safe and effective to go about our daily lives without skipping a beat.

Empowering Women Through Self Care

Why as women, are we the last to take care of ourselves? In fact, there was a quote that resignated so deeply- “She’s gonna forever say, “I got this” even with tears in her eyes.” We know you do, but take care of yourself along the way. Our mission is to help promote the importance of self care and give one another Permission to Press Pause. We deserve it, you deserve it.


Through our personal struggles, we believe that we have been given a platform to educate other women on the healing powers of CBD. There is a tremendous amount of stigma around this industry where women are uncertain and fearful of CBD. We have been there and our experiences with CBD have changed us for the better. We want to stop the whispering around anxiety and mental health and be real, raw and authentic in sharing the reality of our own beautiful disasters.

Our Commitment to Quality

We recognize the importance of consuming safe and quality products. Whether it’s our food, beauty regimen or our CBD we are committed to providing the highest quality product from start to finish. In working with farmers who have organic practices, to using natural ingredients, we are committed to delivering the highest quality product on the market.

Transparency and Safety

With so many choices for CBD in today’s market, it’s important to do your research on what you’re consuming. We’ve made that research easy for you. We believe in transparency and are committed to displaying all of our active ingredients and third party lab tests on our website for you to see for yourself. Each of our products goes through multiple testing pre- and post- manufacturing to ensure you are getting the best and safest product out there.

Elevating Purposeful Communities

We are deeply committed to elevating other women and supporting their purpose. We are constantly striving to find meaningful partnerships that support and empower womanhood it its various and powerful iterations.