Why This Christmas Is All About Your Pleasure


The holiday season is a time to exchange gifts, give, and receive. Any parent knows that most of this gifting focus is placed on the kids, but what about us? If we consider that studies show that the act of giving and receiving is good for our health (more on that in a moment), then we can begin to understand why we need to also prioritize our own experience. And yes, we’re talking about gifts that come wrapped in paper and bows, but also something else.

Apply this giving and receiving exchange to sexual pleasure, and the same thing applies. A vital part of any healthy partnership, putting the spotlight on giving and receiving pleasure has a list of surprising and compelling benefits. Jumping under the sheets to put this into practice isn’t always a simple thing, however, especially when life is pressured and busy. So, we’re highlighting the ways you can boost your pleasure this Christmas and beyond, and where CBD fits into the picture.   

Benefits of Sex

If we talk about sex on a basic level, there are plenty of reasons to find time for it. From a health perspective (from your mind to the tips of your tingling toes), sex is linked to everything from relieving stress to improving your sleep. With such powerful arguments for doing it, things can start feeling pressurized quickly. How much is enough? Should I be doing it more? Are we doing it right? If these kinds of thoughts are familiar, you’re in good company. You only need to check out questions like this on the internet to see many people are asking the same things.

So, let’s clear a couple of things up straightaway – first, there is no “normal” amount of sex. Everyone is different, and every relationship is different. The important thing is that you are both satisfied. This part can be tricky and being honest with yourself about how satisfied you are, and with each other, is step one. It’s common in relationships to have bumps in the road with this. But reminding yourself of the benefits of sex will help. And what about thinking about giving and receiving pleasure as the focus of your sex life? Here are all the powerful reasons to reframe it:  


  • It’s a meaningful way to show love Being happy in our relationships links directly to overall well-being. Sexual pleasure and giving and receiving is an intimate and meaningful way to express love and affection and boost happiness in your partnership. 
  • It can reduce inflammation – A study on giving and receiving of any kind, sexual or not, links the act with reduced inflammation levels. As chronic inflammation is a risk factor for conditions like cardiovascular disease and cancer (and more), this makes it a persuasive reason to indulge in the art of gifting. 
  • Giving and receiving demonstrates support – By pleasuring your partner and accepting it, you are actively showing support for each other’s well-being. This is essential in all ways to the maintenance of your relationship. 
  • It can improve the immune system – It’s worth remembering that healthy sex of any kind can have numerous health benefits too, including links to boosting our immune system. According to sexual health experts, sexually active people take fewer sick days and have a higher immune response.  
  • It releases happy hormonesThink of the act of pleasure as an ongoing plan to boost your happy hormones. Oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine are all released when you experience pleasure, and these make you feel content and relaxed and reduce stress. 
  • It nurtures self-esteem – To truly feel happy in a relationship we need to also love ourselves. A two-way exchange of pleasure and the intimacy this brings allows someone to love you, releasing feel-good hormones and ushering in feelings of self-love and body confidence into the bargain.   

If getting in the zone is a big part of the problem, we hear you. Life’s stressors can leave us feeling strung out and niggly. That doesn’t always equate to wanting to race to the bedroom. Giving and receiving pleasure is intimate, but it can make us feel vulnerable too, and when our defenses are up it can be hard to break them down.

But listen up – this is possible, and it’s worth it. If you’ve read up on the un-sexy-sounding maintenance sex, you’ll know where we’re heading. This is about scheduling time for sexual pleasure, even if you’d rather curl up with tea in front of the TV. And if that doesn’t sound cool, just remember how important this physical intimacy is. It benefits your relationship, your brain, and your body. Giving and receiving pleasure as we know, adds another level to the bonding experience.  

You may have all the reasons to make time for sex, to schedule it, and to focus on giving and receiving, but how does that look in terms of a plan? And what tools and tips can you turn to? Believe us, there are ways to stimulate and maximize pleasure, and exploring the possibilities is all part of this process. 

As for CBD’s role, note that its benefits include its potential for helping to alleviate stress, which first off can help get you in the zone. But there’s more because CBD also has promising results in the field of sexual health, including easing vaginal dryness and chronic pain, be it localized or somewhere else. As those annoying aches and pains can often stand in the way of pleasure, this could add an interesting dimension to the ongoing maintenance of your sex life.

Want more? Read on and we’ll gift you some tips for your pleasure and show you how CBD can add to your toolkit.     

A two-way convo is the most important part of sexual intimacy. If you’re cringing at the thought, start slow. Ask yourself some questions first, such as whether you willingly give and receive, and if not, what holds you back. If you can speak with your partner about your fears and desires and encourage them to share theirs, it could open a whole new world for you both. And if this seems too out there, a few words during sex, encouragement, and gentle prompts could help get things back on track.  

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It feels nice and it’s good for you, yes really! Oral sex has been linked to relationship quality and well-being in some studies, particularly in older couples who face sexual dysfunction. But even if that’s not you, it could have a valuable place in the bedroom. Both men and women can experience pleasure from oral sex and get all the health and relationship benefits that come with it. Perhaps the ultimate act of sexual giving and receiving also comes with its hurdles. If you’re reticent to ask for it or unsure of the best techniques, a little experimenting and conversation go a long way. 

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We’ve already talked about all the reasons why you might not instantly be in the mood. So how to navigate this? Sometimes, saying yes could be all that’s needed (yep, we’re talking maintenance sex here). Note, that doesn’t mean putting ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, but if you’re feeling a little lackluster or sitting on the fence with a yes/no to sex, try going with the flow and seeing where it takes you. The marvelous thing about this is it could take you somewhere dreamy. 

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Press Pause CBD for Sex

Relationships are a complicated arena to navigate and finding the best path for yours is deeply personal and individual. Sex on one element of a healthy partnership and tapping into the right tools and techniques will help you get more pleasure and create balance. CBD is one tool you can in that quest, and Press Pause’s premium, high-quality CBD offers clinically-backed products with zero toxic ingredients and only the best ingredients. To see how this could be part of your pleasure experience speak to our team for more information or browse our shop.