Calling all menopausal women! Did you know that 34 common symptoms have been identified with menopause? Double gasp when we also say that doesn’t even include the rarer symptoms that can hit before or during this transition. Pair this laundry list with the lack of critical support provided by the medical system, (we’re talking misinformation, miseducation, and misunderstanding) and that’s a melting pot of stuff that makes for a tremendous challenge for any woman. 

Some symptoms may play a more impactful role in everyday life, but we also totally get the frustration around weight gain. There’s a power to be had with looking our best, so for those looking for tips to help, the promising benefits of CBD for menopause weight gain may offer a boost.

What Causes Menopause Weight Gain?

Wondering what the heck is going on in there to cause menopausal weight gain? There are a variety of factors that can cause it, but the big one is hormonal changes. While these are out of our control, others are not, so let’s dive in and check them out:

  • Estrogen shifts: Lower estrogen levels are believed to also lower metabolic rates, and this is the rate the body converts stored energy into working energy. As your estrogen plummets during menopause, experts hypothesize it causes the body to use starches and blood sugar less effectively. The result is increased fat storage which makes it harder to lose weight.
  • Age-related factors: We want to boo at this, but it’s a fact that as we age, we naturally begin to lose muscle mass. While this is going on, it lowers your resting metabolism and can contribute to weight gain. There are also funky shifts that happen with exercise as you age. For one, the rate that you use up energy during physical exertion goes south. That means that you may need to increase the amount of time and intensity to achieve the same amount of weight loss. 
  • Lifestyle choices: Check out figures from the CDC and you’ll see that 28% of adults 50 and older are physically inactive. This has led to a 30% higher risk of chronic disease. This lack of exercise is common among adults in the US across ages but remember that staying active is vital for healthy aging. It helps delay, prevent, or manage several (expensive) chronic conditions. Oh, and age-related changes in activity level and diet can also contribute to menopause weight gain.    

The big things for combating menopause weight gain are exercise and diet. It’s that simple. And note that aside from weight loss and maintenance, exercise also has some powerful benefits. These include helping lower the risk of osteoporosis and heart disease while improving insulin resistance, maintaining strong joints and muscles, and boosting overall health. If you’re wondering what to do, experts recommend strength training and low-impact aerobics during and after menopause. Teaming your fitness routine with good nutrition is the best preventative option for helping reduce weight gain during this time. 

While much of the relationship between CBD for menopause weight gain is still unknown, there are preliminary studies that show therapeutic promise in this area. CBD is being explored as a potential therapy for metabolic syndrome and may help reduce insulin sensitivity. It is also being researched for its encouraging role in other metabolic disorders like diabetes

One study found that CBD may enhance the body’s fat browning capabilities, which refers to the process in which the body converts white fat to brown fat. White fat builds up due to an excess of calories; more white fat means a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. Brown fat, known as “good fat”, helps maintain body temperature and stores more energy than white fat. There is also evidence that a dysregulated endocannabinoid system may contribute to excessive visceral fat accumulation and the onset of several risks associated with obesity. 

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Even as huge advocates for the promise of CBD, we never recommend that it’s the only tool for combating weight gain during this transition. That said, when paired with a consistent exercise routine and healthy diet, CBD may offer the additional support you’re looking for. Remember, if you’re taking any medication, check with your healthcare provider before trying CBD. CBD can cause potential drug interactions, and you need to approach it with a well-thought-out plan.

Once you’ve nailed the right fitness and diet plan, try introducing an ingestible CBD product alongside your supercharged routine to see if you notice any subtle improvements. For weight loss and maintenance, it’s ideal to take CBD consistently for at least a couple of months to see if you notice any benefits. Our tip is to journal during this time to better identify improvements. Also, please be kind to yourself and know that your weight on the scale shouldn’t be the only data point you pay attention to. Think about how you look, how you feel, and how your clothing fits as pounds are not the only thing that matters.

Press Pause CBD for Menopause Weight Gain

We understand how not-fun it can be dealing with the myriad of symptoms during this transition. That’s why we’ve created our line of specialty women’s wellness products that offer hormonal wellness support. They are crafted by women, for women, with our bodies in mind. We’re always happy to help you find the right products for soothing your unique symptoms too, so shop our menopause CBD products or contact us any time if you need us.