Orgasms Aren't Just For Christmas


First off, I think we can all agree that orgasms just feel nice. Aside from that obvious perk, there are so many wider-reaching benefits to orgasms, prioritizing them in your wellness plan is a no-brainer. Orgasms are linked to our physical and mental health, from helping us love our bodies to boosting hormones, think of them as being part of an intricate network of good vibes. 

The thing is, it’s not always easy to focus on our sexual pleasure. Amid daily stressors, time constraints, and responsibilities, we are not always able to set time aside for orgasming. But we should, and there are ways. By thinking of the Big O as part of our wellness routine, we can all feel the benefits. Here, we delve into the ways we can master this and use tools including CBD to boost our organismic success in 2023 (and beyond).  

Benefits of Orgasms

Roll up, roll up. We’re dealing with increased sexual pleasure here, and you’re all invited. But before we work in some clever ways to boost your orgasms, we need to first understand the hurdles. Without that. We’re at risk of feeling like we’ve failed somehow if we don’t achieve the sexual success we crave. 

Remember, it’s easy for life to get in the way of our sex life, whether we’re talking about solo play or sex with someone else. That self-compassion and understanding need to come first. But like anything else in the wellness arena, appreciating the benefits will allow us to make room for our pleasure. Here are all the reasons to include orgasming into your self-care regime.  

  • It’s good for your skin– A lot happens in your body when you orgasm, including a release of oxytocin, a hormone that promotes skin healing. At the same time, orgasms lead to a drop in cortisol, the stress hormone, which is linked to inflammation. This magic combo could help with breakouts and rashes. 
  • Pleasure = happy hormones – Sexual pleasure, be it solo or with others releases your happy hormones. We know about oxytocin, but note it also boosts endorphins and dopamine, your relaxed, chilled hormones. 
  • They increase intimacy – Happy relationships directly link to our overall well-being and engaging in regular play with your partner could help this along. This one isn’t always easy, so finding ways to fit in and match up schedules is the key to getting on track.  
  • They can boost immunity – The chemical reaction of orgasms does a lot more than make us feel happy, they could play a part in our physical health too. Because orgasms release the chemical DHEA, which is integral to a healthy immune response, it can also pep up our immune system.  
  • It helps with self-esteem – Feel-good hormones and the general act of showing ourselves some love (or inviting others to do the same) all add up to a wonderful sense of loving our bodies. And we all know the powers of great self-esteem.  
  • It can alleviate pain – Back to the benefits of oxytocin, along with its other amazing powers, this hormone can help to alleviate pain. Yep, studies show that it can provide pain relief for everything from period cramps to headaches. 
  • You could sleep better – Among the many useful hormones released during sex is prolactin. This one is a lifesaver when it comes to sleep because it helps us fall asleep quicker. Meanwhile, our friend’s oxytocin and the hormone vasopressin enable us to sleep better when we do drop off.  
  • Orgasms slay stress – Those happy hormones we talked about can also offer a cocktail of goodness when it comes to beating stress. Because they put you in a more relaxed and content mindset, you can sideline the stresses that build up over the day.  
  • It’s a workout for your mind – It’s not all about your beautiful bod. When you orgasm, your brain is thinking about the pleasure response and your reward pathways light up. As it does this, the logical part of the brain gets less active, and your creative mind ramps up. In other words, it’s the most delicious form of mindfulness. 

To get more orgasmic pleasure, you need a whole round plan to put that goal in the spotlight. This includes looking at all the things holding you back and understanding what you truly want. Along with this, CBD has a place that’s worth noting. With benefits including the potential to alleviate stress and improve sleep, it can help with the everyday stressors getting in our way. 

In addition to these, CBD also shows promise in the arena of sexual health, from potentially helping with vaginal dryness to chronic pain, be it localized or elsewhere in the body. So, if we’re thinking about trying something new in 2023 to help us achieve our organismic goals, CBD is worth your consideration. 

There are so many reasons to put pleasure in the frame, and just as many hurdles to overcome to get there. Be it family commitments, a not-sexy argument with your partner, tiredness, or physical stoppers like vaginal dryness or pain. We get it, being carefree and in the moment with all this going on (and more) isn’t always easy, even if we do know it’s good for us.

So how do we combat this? There are no surefire ways to hop over every hurdle, but there are some management techniques that could help you gain more control and get more pleasure.

If you’re already a fan of masturbation, good for you. If it’s something you’re unfamiliar with, know that it has a whole load of health benefits worth shouting about. Another major perk is that you just need you. Whether you’re partnered up or not, you can enjoy an “O” solo. Plus, it’s easier to schedule pleasure with just one schedule to manage, and you can experiment perhaps with more abandon than you would with a partner.  

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It’s not all about prioritizing sexual pleasure. As we know, our sexual health slots into our overall well-being, body, and mind. Taking care of your body in the big picture will help you look forward to sex. This comes down to the food you eat, the exercise you take, and the self-care you practice. If you feel good, you’ll be feeding your self-esteem and energy for life. 


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Who loves stress? No one. It’s a creepy little dude that can sneak up without you noticing and wreaks havoc on everything from sleep to relationships. Stress is also part and parcel of life, there’s no getting away from it, so we need to manage it and recognize it. Stress busters, which could be exercise, taking a bath, or reading a book, will help you focus on the more pleasurable aspects of life and relax in your O-zone when needed. 


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Sex can get tiring, right? Especially if we do the same things every time, maybe with the same person every time. Finding ways to mix it up doesn’t have to be hard. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to get super experimental. Often, a little gear shift can create room for amped pleasure. Think about what does it for you, talk to your partner if you’re coupled up, and see what new paths you can explore.  


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Press Pause CBD and Orgasms

Sexual pleasure is one big puzzle, but that doesn’t mean you have to figure it out alone. Certain tools and techniques can help you find your pleasure zone and prioritize it long-term. Our premium, high-quality CBD can be part of that big picture, through clinically-backed CBD products with zero toxic ingredients and only the highest quality CBD. To discover all the possibilities, speak to our team for more information or browse our shop.