Menopause Weight Gain? Go Get That Svelte Bod


Sad but true, weight gain is common as we age, and this is down to a variety of factors. Just to add to our list of woes, for women, this can be significantly impacted by menopause. Hear that there are over 34 common menopause symptoms, and you can quickly become overwhelmed by this transition, but there is much to be said for education and comprehensive support. 


When it comes to menopause weight gain, there are plenty of tactics and lifestyle practices to help minimize this symptom. So, roll on the good news, because these preventative approaches offer an incredible wealth of benefits that can help lessen other menopause symptoms while also boosting your overall wellness. Before we look at the promising benefits of CBD for menopause weight loss, let’s go over the practices you can work into your self-care routine. 

What Causes Menopause Weight Gain?

Get ready for your menopause weight gain 101. So, during menopause, the hormonal shifts experienced can contribute to weight gain. This can be a good old overall weight gain, but alas, there’s a higher risk of putting it on around the problem areas of hips, thighs, and abdomen. Riding along with these hormone changes are your lifestyle and genetic factors. Yep, these can also play a role in weight gain. Then there’s our age – as older age also serves up a hurdle, with muscle mass generally diminishing while fat increases. Losing your muscle mass also impacts the rate at which your body metabolizes calories. Combine this with other factors like lack of exercise, poor diet, and bad sleep, and you have a veritable list contributing to weight gain during this transition. 

We need to be clued up to the fact that weight after menopause can have serious implications for your health, increasing your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and breathing issues. With all this in mind, you’ll want to adapt your diet and lifestyle to factor in ease age-related muscle loss and the hormone shifts that happen during menopause.

We get it, it’s easy to give ourselves a hard time when our body isn’t playing ball. But first and foremost, make a special effort to be kind to yourself during this transition. Menopause impacts both the mind and body, so it’s ultra-important not to place unrealistic expectations on yourself. We’re big advocates for education as the best way to make the most informed decisions around your health and wellness. With that said, here are some great lifestyle supports you can introduce to help with menopause weight loss along with other wellness benefits.

Consistent exercise reaps so many benefits for your mental and physical wellness. For those transitioning through menopause, you have a menu of physical activities that are open to you to prevent weight gain. Things like strength training, aerobic exercise, and yoga are top recommendations. Strength training specifically can help build muscle, in turn boosting your metabolism to help with weight loss. Note though, if you’re new to working out, try a few different classes and gyms until you find your favorite movements. Once you’ve figured out what you enjoy doing the most, you’ll have the drive to stay consistent.

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Is it just us, or do you feel sad about the idea of constantly counting calories and starving yourself? It’s far better to take a healthier approach and look to whole food nutrition. Focus on more satiating, nutrient-dense foods like meat, fresh produce, and whole grains. Cutting back on those processed foods, added sugars, and refined carbohydrates will also benefit your overall health and help support weight loss. Quick extra tip: removing rancid seed oils from your diet can also help lower whole-body inflammation and minimize both heart disease and weight gain. 

It’s a fact, limiting alcohol is important for reducing excess calories and minimizing the risk of weight gain. Alcohol is high in simple sugars which are known to contribute to excess belly fat. At the same time, this impacts hormone levels, especially testosterone which plays a critical role in metabolic processes like fat burning and muscle building. So, you might not want to turn teetotal, but limiting your alcohol intake, focusing on better sleep habits, and managing chronic stress will all help support healthy weight loss.

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We know menopause can be a challenging time for anyone and the truth is it can be an isolating journey. Finding a support group with others that understand what you’re going through can make all the difference. Remember, the key is to make sure you have resources to help identify symptoms and what therapeutics and supports are available. Empowered with knowledge, you can feel better equipped to handle this turbulent time. 

While there may not be any direct studies on CBD for menopause weight loss, there are preliminary studies that support CBD’s promising benefits for overall weight loss and optimizing your metabolism. 

  • Fat browning capabilities: Studies support CBD’s ability to boost the fat browning process. Fat browning refers to the body changing white fat tissue into brown fat tissue. White fat is responsible for preserving energy while brown fat burns energy. CBD may help increase the browning process, in turn burning more body fat. 
  • Boost your metabolism: Other studies show that CBD may have a direct impact on our metabolism. Research indicates that CBD may also have effects on immature fat cells called preadipocyte
  • Insulin and diabetes: CBD is believed to lower fasting insulin levels and offer therapeutic promise for diabetes. Cannabis use may also be correlated to reduced body mass index and smaller waist circumferences.         
  • Obesity research: There are more and more studies on cannabinoids like CBD and obesity that explore this therapeutic as a potential agent for obesity treatment. Since CBD interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system which is a biochemical communicative network responsible for regulating physiological functions like appetite and metabolism, the existing data supports the need for more exploration.  

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CBD should never be the only thing you try for menopause weight loss – it should be used as one of many tools to help support this effort and overall wellness. If you’re interested in trying CBD for menopause weight loss, we recommend taking it consistently every day. Like any new supplementation, we advocate journaling your experience and tracking the benefits. Weight loss shouldn’t only be defined by the number you see on the scale – you’ve got to account for differences in your waist circumference, how you’re feeling, if your clothes are fitting differently, and your overall appearance.

Also, make sure to always speak to your trusted healthcare provider before trying CBD, especially if you’re taking medication. CBD can cause potential drug interactions, making it important to clear this first. 

Press Pause CBD for Menopause Weight Loss

Press Pause is honored to create the highest-quality women’s wellness CBD products for supporting your mind, body, and soul. We understand just how challenging menopause can be and we’re here to help support and guide you through this transition. Menopause weight loss can be a tricky subject – but we embrace it with open arms, remaining open to helping you find the right products to achieve your goals. Contact us anytime or shop our hormonal wellness products today.