Menopause. Mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia, diminished libido. We’ve got you, and we know how the transition can feel. But what about all those less-talked-about niggles? We’re talking itchy skin, burning sensations in the mouth, dental issues, and thinning hair. No one seems to shout about those things as loudly, and yet the struggle with them is real. As with all things around menopause, we want to first of all pause, and note that many of these things are common. You are not alone, and by talking about it, we can start to work through the challenges and find effective management techniques. 

Menopause is a transition that presents many funky health hurdles, but it has some opportunities too. It’s a time to embrace a new way and put yourself first, and we all know that rarely happens in women’s lives. It’s also worth noting that CBD shows promise for alleviating menopause symptoms. So, let’s dive in, discover what these symptoms are all about, and how CBD can fit into the picture. 

The Unspoken Symptoms

From a scientific POV, the reasons behind your menopause symptoms come down to the shift of hormones in your body. The big one is the drop in estrogen, a hormone responsible for the growth, development, and ongoing maintenance of the reproductive system. 

Yes, it has plenty of vital roles, so you can see how a notable dip can result in some obvious symptoms around the body. But as well as being integral to the reproductive system, estrogen helps to stimulate natural oils and collagen, which all help to keep us looking young, vibrant, and fresh. Estrogen is also responsible for influencing skeletal, cardiovascular, neuroendocrine, and adipose systems, accounting for the systemic host of symptoms experienced during menopause. Here’s a closer look at these complaints.

  • Dry, itchy skin – Menopause and itchy skin? This is directly due to estrogen drop. But why? As your skin becomes drier thanks to a lack of natural oils and collagen, it feels irritated and itchy. The types of itching during menopause include skin itching and genital itching. So, if you’re experiencing this, know that it’s normal in the menopause world. 
  • Pain or a burning sensation in the mouth – Note that this is very rare compared to other symptoms, but again, it’s due to hormone imbalance. This leads to thinning mouth tissue and dry mouth. Also called burning mouth syndrome (or BMS), you’ll feel burning, pain, and tenderness around your mouth, perhaps into your lips, cheeks, and tongue. 
  • Thinning hair – Again, blame the estrogen drop, thinning hair is extremely common with menopause, although it varies from person to person. Occurring during perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause, this can be a jolting experience. Our hair is so intertwined with youth and femininity, but it doesn’t mean anything is medically wrong, and there are ways to treat it.    
  • Dry mouth and dental problems – As with the burning mouth symptom, thinning mouth tissue and hormonal changes can impact our oral health. Our teeth and gums are integral to our overall well-being, and a decrease in hormones can make us susceptible to minor infections and harmful bacteria in the mouth. This menopause dry mouth symptom may trigger gum and tooth damage.


As with all these symptoms, being aware of the risks is the most important step to managing them. Once you know these issues are just all part of the picture with menopause, you can start taking active steps to minimize the symptoms and create a plan forwards. As with anything in the medical arena, also remember that it’s vital to speak to your doctor if you are concerned about any menopause symptoms. 

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, or a combo of them, know that there are ways to manage them. In terms of OTC treatments, the type of solution will depend on the complaint, but things like steroid creams are often prescribed for the skin, or topicals like petroleum jelly. For hair loss, drugs like finasteride and spironolactone are also options. 

HRT is also commonly prescribed to treat a range of menopause symptoms, including the lesser-known ones we’re covering. If you choose to go down one of these routes, be aware that there are risks attached to these kinds of therapies, and OTC topicals may have toxic ingredients, so get the full picture first. Another way is to proactively look after your health and find holistic alternatives. 

CBD for Menopause Symptoms

A huge perk of this century is that we’re so clued up on beauty and well-being ingredients, it’s easy to choose non-toxic alternatives and nourish your beautiful bod. CBD is one ingredient showing promise across these areas, from dentistry to the chronic pain that may accompany your menopause challenges. Here’s your guide to managing these symptoms another way. 

You might have considered trying CBD for general well-being reasons, but it’s interesting to note that while studies are limited, they show promising links between cannabinoid therapy and healthy hair. When taken orally, lower doses are believed to stimulate hair growth, but there’s more. Apply it topically and the luscious blend of fatty acids, gamma-linolenic acid, magnesium, arginine, and antioxidants found in full-spectrum CBD may boost blood circulation and calm the scalp, encouraging hair growth. Be aware of CBD’s biphasic nature when it comes to hair – large doses may prohibit hair growth, making careful self-experimentation and awareness key.     

Tip: Massage a small amount of Soothe Comforting CBD Body Balm into the scalp. 

We know that dental problems can come hand in hand with menopause, so prioritizing our oral health is a must. This all starts with the obvious – eating healthy, being sugar-aware, and brushing effectively twice a day. People also turn to CBD for added support with preliminary studies pointing toward links between CBD and dental health. This research is in the early stages, but CBD may reduce bacteria count, helping to reduce plaque which causes tooth decay and gum disease.    

Tip: Feel bright and smile big with Balance Everyday Full-Spectrum Tincture. Swish the CBD oil before swallowing and your regular brushing routine.

Say a hell-yeah for non-toxic beauty ingredients that make you feel brand new. In the quest to replace lost moisture, protect your skin’s barrier, and prevent itching, you need restoring products that both act as a moisturizer and an emollient. Ingredients like essential oils, arnica, and camphor team up to provide effective skin relief. At the same time, CBD can chime in with an antioxidant blend that tackles inflammation, free radicals, and oxidative stress. CBD may also optimize the skin’s natural sebum production which is key for supporting supple, hydrated skin while preventing hormonal acne.     

Tip: Refresh tired limbs in a tub with Soak Indulgent CBD Bath Salts, made to relax and nourish skin, then slather on Restore Deep Relief Full-Spectrum CBD Cream to get skin-replenishing goodness. 

Healthy lifestyle habits and a little TLC are always key, yet menopause may throw a curveball, giving you pain along with the other symptoms you’re experiencing. Finding healthy and effective ways to stay on top of any pain can help you feel brighter. So far, clinical evidence suggests that CBD may help ease chronic pain, and although these studies are in the early stages, the results show a positive outlook across a range of painful conditions including BMS.   

Tip: Try our Glow Capsules daily to support painful symptoms.

The research behind CBD’s potential in menopause symptoms like these is encouraging, but it’s important to take the right steps when managing them. That includes prioritizing healthy lifestyle habits and taking care of your body and mind during this turbulent time.  

CBD should also never be the only solution for navigating menopause and the challenges it presents. But if you want to see how it fits into your overall symptom management, speak to your doctor first. They will be able to guide you, based on the specifics of your situation. This includes the potential drug interactions CBD poses, and your healthcare provider will know best how CBD could slot into the big picture. 

Press Pause CBD for Menopause Symptoms

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