Ever fancied trying hair, skin, and nail supplements? We’ve all been there, you’re feeling a little dull, and the pursuit of beautiful hair, skin, and nails calls. You’ll find stores flooded with countless supplements and spa services to achieve this goal, and we feel it. These things are a serious confidence booster. But did you know that the condition your hair, skin, and nails are in is actually an indication of your overall health? 

Hear this – skin is the body’s largest organ. It’s also the fastest growing organ with cell turnover happening always. This super-fast turnover and the fact that you can physically see and inspect your skin means we can use it as a barometer for your current health. But hold up, before we jump into some of the encouraging benefits of CBD for hair, skin, and nails, here’s take a closer look at effective, natural tips for achieving luscious locks, glowing skin, and strong nails. 

Getting into the Gut-Skin Connection

You may have heard that the gut is sometimes referred to as the body’s second brain. But did you know that chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne are typically a symptom of an underlying gut issue?

The gut and skin both play similar roles, acting as the front line of the body’s defense against invading pathogens. The skin contains its own microbiome as well. As we speak, emerging research is illuminating the critical relationship of the gut-skin axis and how food, GI issues, and digestive conditions like leaky gut can impact the skin. Meanwhile, bear in mind the skin is one of the body’s most significant detoxifiers, so the inflammation and toxins that impact the gut inevitably end up in the bloodstream. Next, they show up as skin inflammation as your skin tries to purge your body of these toxins. 

Gut health is critical for all functions of the body beyond just healthy skin. Poor gut health is linked to a host of tricky systemic issues ranging from higher risks of autoimmune conditions to sleep disturbances and depression. So, step one to overall wellness is repairing your gut, and that can deliver that beautiful, blemish-free skin too. To heal the gut you need a comprehensive, multi-step plan including sidelining inflammatory and toxic foods. You also need to show your gut some TLC by supporting optimal digestion and nutrient absorption with the right digestive enzymes and HCL, reinoculating with healthy bacteria from probiotics, and providing the necessary nutrients for repairing the gut. It can sound like quite a list to be sure, especially if you have histamine intolerance and mast cell activation syndrome. So, if you’re not sure where to begin, work with the right functional practice or nutritionist to get the professional support you need. 

A healthy gut is the foundation of healthy skin, but like everything else in our beautiful bods, there are other factors to consider. Think environmental toxins and personal care products for starters. Here are some of our recommendations for supporting healthy, beautiful hair, skin, and nails:

  • Diet is key: Now we’ve swotted up on the influence of the gut-skin axis, note the significant correlation between your diet and chronic skin issues. The Standard American Diet, or Western Diet, is jam-packed with inflammatory foods like sugar, refined cooking oils, and processed carbohydrates. These are all associated with the prevalence of acne. An anti-inflammatory diet not only nourishes you but also helps prevent irritated, inflamed skin. 
  • Stay hydrated: Water is key, folks! Proper hydration is crucial for healthy skin. If we zoomed into sub-skin level, you’d see all your body’s cells –  including skin cells – are comprised of water and they thirst for hydration to aid optimal function. If you don’t stay hydrated, your skin becomes dry, flakey, and wrinkly (gasp). Water is also important in the detoxification process which helps to flush out unwanted toxins from your body. That means bye bye bye to last night’s Chardonnay.
  • Support your detoxification pathways: Word up – your liver, kidneys, and lungs are your body’s major detoxification organs. If these become overburdened, toxins start to purge out of your skin in a desperate act to flush them out of your body. This can start a chain reaction of many skin-related issues including acne. A great preventative practice is to support these pathways the best you can with little acts of care like saunas, dry brushing, Epsom salt baths, supplements like glutathione, etc. 
  • Use antioxidant boosts: Free radicals and oxidative stress can cause premature aging along with DNA damage. But it’s not all doom and gloom: antioxidants from food and supplementation can help slow down skin damage, encourage cellular repair and renewal, and help the body’s natural collagen and elastin production.   
  • Prioritize zinc and biotin: Say hey to zinc, because it’s an essential micronutrient for encouraging collagen and elastin – the two main proteins for maintaining healthy, supple skin. Zinc is also important for preventing photodamage from overexposure to the sun’s UV rays. At the same time, it’s responsible for boosting hair growth and is key for many dermatologic issues. So, let’s get more! Red meat and shellfish offer the best form of bioavailable zinc; other whole food sources include nuts, dairy, and eggs. While we’re at it, biotin is another critical vitamin you’ll want to focus on for beautiful hair, skin, and nails. This B vitamin strengthens both hair and nails, with research showing it helps hair growth with supplementation. Whole food sources for biotin include organ meats, eggs, salmon, meat, seeds, nuts, and certain vegetables.
  • Try probiotics: Since gut health and skin health are so closely intertwined, probiotics can be a boon for improving your skin. If you’re dealing with SIBO, a soil-based probiotic is ideal until your infection has cleared (as other probiotics can make bacterial overgrowth worse). Just make sure to support the gut with high doses of probiotics during and post-antibiotic use too. 
  • Use a safe sunscreen for protecting against damaging UV rays: Yeah, you all know it! Overexposure to UV radiation can cause photo-aging, brittle nails, and dry out your hair. Practice safe sun exposure with protective clothing and a non-toxic, mineral-based sunscreen. Be aware that many standard sunscreens contain toxic and even carcinogenic ingredients, so get clued up and look for sunscreens with non-nano zinc oxide as the active ingredient.           
  • Opt for non-toxic personal care products: Time to gasp, because facts show that women apply an average of 168 chemicals to their bodies every day! From shampoo to makeup, personal care products can be filled with toxic ingredients that disrupt your endocrine system. This is bad news with links to higher risks of cancer and other serious conditions, causing your skin more harm than good. Since the skin is so porous, these toxins can easily penetrate your bloodstream and cause a host of systemic issues. Our advice? Always read ingredient labels and stay clear of these toxic beauty ingredients.

CBD for Hair, Skin, and Nails

So far, CBD research has mainly focused on more pressing medicinal applications, but there is some preliminary data surrounding its promising benefits for healthy hair, skin, and nails. Let’s take a closer look at how CBD’s therapeutic potential around this talking point:

CBD’s impact on hair is quite complex with a topical application directly impacting the CB1 and CB2 receptors located in hair follicles. Researchers believe that long-term oral use of CBD may also increase the concentrations of cannabinoids found in hair. Studies are very limited but suggest that CBD has biphasic dose properties specifically when it comes to hair. Biphasic dose response in biology refers to a compound causing opposite effects when given in low and high doses. CBD is believed to have biphasic properties when it comes to certain applications like sleep, immunity, and also hair.

Lower doses of CBD are believed to stimulate hair growth. The essential fatty acid content, gamma-linolenic acid, magnesium, arginine, and antioxidant properties of full-spectrum CBD may also help promote hair growth when applied topically to the scalp and hair root. CBD’s promising vasodilator properties may benefit hair growth by improving blood circulation. Improved blood flow near hair follicles may encourage hair growth and a stronger hair shaft. The elevated cerebral blood circulation may in turn improve nutrient absorption of the hair. By potentially improving blood circulation, topical CBD may soothe the scalp by calming the skin and encouraging healthy hair growth around the follicle. CBD’s anti-inflammatory promise may reduce inflammation and help combat thinning hair by creating a more nurturing environment for the hair to grow. 

Tip: Try applying our Soothe Comforting Balm as a concentrated hair mask and deeply massaging a small amount directly to your scalp and letting sit for at least 20 minutes before rinsing.

Higher doses of CBD are believed to inhibit hair growth. With this biphasic quality when it comes to hair, it’s very important to keep this in mind especially if you are trying to support hair growth. The cutoff between a small dose and a large dose is bio-individual, requiring self-experimentation to discover the right dose for your intended goal.

Tip: Try applying our Balance Everyday Tincture liberally and topically to areas where you’re trying to inhibit hair growth. 

Additional potential CBD hair benefits include:

  • Topical CBD may offer anti-inflammatory properties for soothing and calming scalp conditions like eczema which can cause itching and discomfort.      
  • Topical CBD’s interaction with cannabinoid receptors in the scalp may influence natural sebum levels for reducing dandruff and dry scalp.
  • CBD’s antimicrobial properties may also reduce the risk of scalp infections that can cause dandruff. These properties may help support flaky patches throughout the scalp.
  • CBD may also help address some of the root causes of hair loss. Hormone fluctuations during menopause can deplete essential hair nutrients and high levels of stress can both contribute to hair loss – CBD may offer hormone support and stress relief.

Research on CBD and skin is also quite limited with the majority of studies focused on specific skin conditions. However, preliminary data suggest promising potential in various areas when it comes to CBD skin application. 

CBD’s antioxidant properties may help fight free radicals that attack collagen fibers as well as free radical byproducts like environmental toxins. This may in turn help prevent cell damage while slowing down collagen loss. Its anti-inflammatory properties may also support skin inflammation, helping reduce redness, relax the skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Preliminary research supports CBD’s potential for encouraging skin regeneration. This may offer therapeutic promise for skin cells that are damaged by pollutants, UV exposure, and other toxins. Learn more about CBD’s premature aging benefits here.

Tip: Try adding our Balance Everyday Tincture to your favorite DIY face mask. 

CBD may encourage sebum production. Proper regulation for sebum production is key for both acne and wrinkles. Researchers believe that CBD interacts with sebum glands in order to maintain the correct level of sebum production. When sebum production is balanced, this leads to smoother, clearer skin. Studies focused on CBD and acne indicate a novel therapeutic potential for helping manage acne. 

Tip: Try applying our Soothe Body Balm as a spot treatment for acne and blemishes. 

Topical CBD may provide symptom management for a variety of skin conditions ranging from eczema to psoriasis. The encouraging anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and antimicrobial properties of CBD may help soothe these skin ailments, offering better comfort and relief. 

Tip: Try soaking with our Indulgent Bath Salts then applying our Restore Deep Relief Cream to impacted areas.

There currently isn’t any research available regarding CBD for nails. However, researchers have found concentrations of cannabinoid receptors and cannabinoids located in the nails. This allows us to speculate that CBD may play a beneficial role for nails as well. The same nutrients that benefit hair health found in full-spectrum CBD oils also serve as nourishment for the nails. These essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants may help restore and strengthen weak, brittle nails. CBD’s antimicrobial properties may also help provide preventative support against certain fungal infections. 

Tip: Try applying our Balance Everyday Tincture as a cuticle oil and massage deeply into your cuticles and nail beds. 

How to Use CBD for Hair, Skin, and Nails

Start shopping and you’ll spot that topical CBD plays the main role in supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails. However, ingestible CBD may also help with certain hair and skin benefits. By dipping into both options, you could interact with internal and external cannabinoid receptors that can impact hair and skin health with a two-pronged approach. 

Just like any other skincare product or supplement, we recommend starting with one product at a time. While you’re at it, journal or make notes of any visible benefits, and be patient! Allow adequate time to see if you’re experiencing any positive impacts on your hair, skin, and nails. This gives you the info to make the most informed, intentional choices with your skin and overall wellness routine. 

A word of caution – remember CBD’s biphasic nature with hair growth stimulation and inhibition? (AKA it works in two phases). This makes it extra important to keep this in mind when experimenting with CBD hair treatments. We recommend using very small doses of CBD when trying to achieve hair growth. Go low and slow here so you don’t risk experiencing the opposite effect. 

For those taking medication, be smart and check with your doctor about using CBD. CBD can pose certain drug interactions, making it critical to speak with your trusted healthcare provider first. Since such a minimal amount of CBD makes it to the bloodstream with topical application, topical CBD products should be fine if you’re taking medication, but we always recommend erring on the side of caution and discussing with your doctor before trying.        



Press Pause CBD for Hair, Skin, and Nails

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