5 Reasons to Include Hemp Seed In Your Diet

Are you looking to boost your nutrition and enhance your overall health? Look no further than hemp seeds. These tiny powerhouses are packed with essential nutrients, and offer a range of benefits for your overall well-being. From being a great source of plant protein and healthy fats to improving skin health and supporting heart health, hemp seeds deserve a place in your daily diet. They can even help alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause.

Discover why hemp seeds are the nutritional secret you’ve been missing out on.


  1. Great source of plant protein and healthy fats:
    Hemp seeds are a nutritional treasure trove, containing over 30% healthy fats. They are rich in essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and omega-6. Moreover, they are a remarkable plant-based protein source, with over 25% of their calories derived from high-quality protein. The presence of amino acids like lysine, methionine, and cysteine makes hemp seeds a superior protein option.
  2. Good for digestion:
    The proteins found in hemp seeds, namely albumin and edestin, are easily digestible, making them gentle on the stomach. Unlike some other sources, hemp protein lacks oligosaccharides and trypsin inhibitors that can hinder protein absorption. Adding hemp seeds to your diet can promote healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. 
  3. Improves skin health:
    The balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin. Hemp seeds offer a favorable ratio of these essential fatty acids, making them beneficial for skin health. Studies have shown that incorporating hemp seed oil can improve blood levels of essential fatty acids, alleviate dryness and itchiness, and even reduce the need for skin medications. 
  4. Good for heart health:
    Consuming hemp seeds can have positive effects on heart health. These seeds contain the amino acid arginine, which promotes the production of nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide helps dilate and relax blood vessels, leading to lower blood pressure and reduced risk of heart disease. Additionally, the gamma-linolenic acid found in hemp seeds has anti-inflammatory properties, further supporting heart health. 
  5. PMS and menopause symptoms:
    For women experiencing PMS or menopause symptoms, hemp seeds may offer relief. The gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) in hemp seeds produces prostaglandin E1, which counteracts the effects of the hormone prolactin. Studies have demonstrated that supplementing with essential fatty acids, including GLA, can significantly reduce PMS symptoms. Hemp seeds may alleviate breast pain, tenderness, depression, irritability, and fluid retention associated with PMS.

Remember, before incorporating hemp seeds into your diet, it’s important to check local rules and regulations, especially when traveling with hemp products. So, embrace the nutritional power of hemp seeds and unlock a world of health benefits. Your body will thank you!