One of the cheeky secrets to glowing health? Nope, it’s not green juice. It can be awkward to talk about, but sex (and a good ol’ orgasm) is brimming with benefits for our bodies and minds. Research has shown the connection between sex and these amazing benefits:

  • Improved immune support
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better heart health
  • Reduction in anxiety and depression
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Natural pain relief
  • Better sleep
  • Overall physiological and emotional stress reduction
  • Increased intimacy and connection with a sexual partner
  • Better sexual function

Press Pause CBD for Sex

We believe that no woman should have a mediocre, bad, or boring sex life. If she wants, she should feel engaged, appreciated, and pretty damn satisfied. 

We also understand the complicated nuances of our body chemistry as women, and how this can impact our quest for a healthy sex life. That’s why we’ve handcrafted our high-quality CBD products just for you (and us, tbh!). And we’re always happy to help you find the right products for improving your sexual experiences and addressing the underlying causes. No judgment, ever. Just reach out!

So getting jiggy is jam-packed with goodness. Then how come so many of us find it hard to find health and happiness in this area? So many women struggle – here are some of the common sex challenges we can experience.

Stress: Is vacation sex great but day-to-day sex a dud? Then stress may be the issue. Finding effective stress management is important for getting your sex life back on track.

Pain: Pelvic floor dysfunction, micro-tears, hormone changes, chemicals and pH disruption, scar tissue, untreated infections, muscle soreness, and a whole host of other conditions can cause pain down there during sex. Speak with your doctor about treatment if you’re concerned.

Psychological health: Sexual trauma, relationship issues, depression, and anxiety disorders can all compromise a healthy sex life. Therapy and other mental health services are some of the recommended supports for healing.

Low sex drive: Diet, hormones, and chronic conditions can all have an impact on sex drive. Work with your doctor to pinpoint the causes of your low sex drive to treat effectively. 

There is help out there – and CBD may prove a powerful ally for sexual rejuvenation. Here’s how CBD may support women with sex:

  • Increased blood flow and lubrication: CBD’s encouraging vasodilator (blood-vessel dilating) properties may offer the support women need for combating certain genitourinary issues. Especially when applied topically, CBD may encourage blood flow for increased sensitivity and enhanced natural lubrication.
  • Pain relief: CBD is well-celebrated for pain relief by individuals with a wide variety of conditions and injuries.   
  • Anti-anxiety: Numerous studies support CBD’s promising impact on various mental health conditions, as it may help promote a calming, relaxed state of mind that works synergistically alongside all of the promising physical health benefits. 
  • Anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing: CBD’s renowned encouraging inflammation-reduction coupled with increased blood flow and relaxed muscles can create quite the setting for improving your sexual experience. For women who suffer from painful intercourse, CBD may offer the relief you’re looking for.


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CBD isn’t just a secret weapon for women. The encouraging vasodilator and stress-relieving properties of CBD may also be beneficial for men suffering from sexual challenges. 

While studies haven’t yet been done on the connection between sex challenges and CBD specifically, the personal testimonials speak for themselves. And when it comes to common mojo-blocks like pain and psychological conditions, men can also enjoy the promising pain-relieving, happiness-boosting impact of our wonder ingredient, CBD.

One method or dosage definitely does not fit all when it comes to using CBD for sex. While cannabinoid therapy is expected to vary from person to person, this is especially true when it comes to using CBD for your sexual health. We recommend self-experimenting with dosage and products to find what works best for you. 

Though we can say that topical CBD may be ideal for boosting natural lubrication, alleviating pain, and relaxing tense muscles. And ingestible CBD may be ideal for addressing stress, anxiety, pain, and more. 

Depending on your needs, you may want to utilize one or both methods of administration. When it comes to understanding the effects, it’s wise to keep a journal where you can keep track of dosage, timing, and benefits. This can give you a clear set of data points for creating the most impactful (and downright pleasurable!) CBD regimen for you and your sex life.

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