Embracing Imperfect Moments: Pure Beauty Feature

Empowering women to embrace imperfect moments is CBD wellness brand Press Pause. The brainchil of Dawn Fable, a businesswoman and mum of three, she suffered with generailsed anxiety for more than ten years. In an attempt fo find balance in her life she worked with the Product Director of cannabinoid group Tenacious Labs, Kendra Mark, to develop her line. Now, her product rane is making its way across the pond to the UK. The SKUs can be adopted by women at every stage of their life and work in harmony with their body. “When I realised the positive impact making a few changes to my daily routine had made, I wanted my friends and famiy to experience it too,” said Fable. “It was okay for things to be a little crazy, we are all responsibility juggles: overwhelmed and quietly struggling with our own beautiful disasters, I recognise there is a strength in our vulnerability”. The first products to hit the British market are CBD Bath Salts, Comforting CBD Body Balm, Intimacy Spray and Deep Relief Cream (from £25).