Where does your CBD come from?

I remember when my best friend called me with the urgent message to begin using this stuff called ‘CBD’ immediately.  My initial thought was “Ummmm my friends in Colorado are really getting into the recreational marijuana scene.  And with three kids? That’s bold!”  I lightly told Dawn that I appreciated her concern, but I wasn’t quite ready to get into a daily drug habit, much less one that isn’t legal where I live.   

While I am a liberal woman who had her fair share of wild times in my youth, as a mom, now in her 40’s (gasp) my thoughts on where weed comes from haven’t changed.  Albeit, I never really troubled myself with thinking about where my apple came from!  But now, I actually have to be responsible (sigh). So the thought of taking some tincture with a weed leaf or a puff of smoke on the label didn’t really resonate with my daily routine.  I mean, let’s be realistic.  What comes to mind when you think of where marijuana is being grown and who is growing it?

Your best friend tells you that you HAVE to start taking this stuff called CBD oil that comes from the hemp plant.  Without knowing much about what this stuff is, your mind wanders to what you think you know…

Stoner. Hippie. Dreadlocks. Cloud of smoke. Dirty van life.  Creepy garage with smelly old couches.  Grow lights in dark basement. Greasy people who haven’t showered. Jam band concerts. Hot boxing.

No thanks.  I’m good.  Think I’d rather run to the local co-op and grab some ashwagandha, turmeric and a tension tea.  Yep definitely don’t know where the stoner oil is coming from so I’ll pass. Have to go to work, find some time to work out and then pick up my kids! (Verbatim what went on in this head of mine.)

While I’m sure this is where some CBD is coming from, one step into the Colorado cannabis scene should change your mind pretty quickly.  Times have changed!

Press Pause Project is fortunate to be a member of an incredible organization in Denver called ‘Found(H)er’.  They put on an event this week called Women + Weed and we were lucky enough to moderate the event.  Talk about impressive!  We were in fabulous company with cannabis professionals across the board: attorney, nurse, CEO, doctor, owners, salespeople, formulators, etc.  The industry is regulated…and there are loads of professionals who are passionate about helping people feel better.

I would like to leave you with this message.  Yes, CBD is new to the scene and trying something new can be scary.  We are inclined to turn away from things that intimidate us, especially if they are linked to something as stigmatized as cannabis.  BUT I ask of you to do your research.  Find credible resources to read about CBD…We like Project CBD for everything you need to know about CBD in a very user-friendly format.

We’ll have you know that Press Pause Project sources our CBD from one of very few USDA Organic hemp farms not far from Denver, CO.  We are so very proud to offer our family, friends and growing customer base a product that is clean, effective and affordable.

Thanks for Pressing Pause with us! 

XOXO Dawn & Torrey

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