Press Pause: How Moms Can Use CBD for Pain Relief

Molly is a 31 year old work from home entrepreneur. She spends most of her time writing articles for online nutrition magazines and exploring the trails near her home in Boulder, Colorado. Molly is also a proud mom of a beautiful 6 month old baby girl.

Like many new moms, Molly began experiencing back pain during pregnancy. She thought that the pain would subside after she gave birth to her daughter Olivia. However, after Olivia was born, the pain only got worse.

Getting her daughter out of her crib, nursing her, putting her in the car seat, picking her up from the floor, and, eventually, putting her in her high chair required Molly to bend over several times a day, putting strain on her back.

With each passing month, as Olivia continued to grow bigger and stronger, as healthy babies do, the pain grew to the point where it was too much for Molly to bear. Molly was losing sleep at night and the pain in her lower back was constant. Molly recalled the experience during an interview with the owners of Pause. “I would toss and turn for hours at night, trying to find a comfortable position to sleep that didn’t hurt my back. It was awful.”

Molly had read about the negative side effects that many mothers experience from using traditional pain medicine. She did not want to expose herself or her child to pharmaceutical drugs. Molly tried yoga, exercising, and other various methods but nothing worked.

Then, one day, Molly was introduced to Pause by a friend. Molly explained, “I was complaining about my back pain to a friend of mine and she told me about Pause. She swore by it. I was desperate to try anything, so I did.”

After reading about CBD cream online, Molly decided to purchase the Pause Healing Balm. She was amazed at how well the product worked! In just twenty minutes, Molly felt the effects of the cream. Recalling the event, she stated, “It was like all my back pain evaporated instantly. It was amazing!”

Now, Pause is a part of Molly’s daily routine. Whenever she experiences pain in her back, she can simply apply the cream and continue going about her busy day. Instead of suffering from pain, Molly can focus all of her energy on Olivia and experience the joys of being a new mom.

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