In sickness and in health…I must still be a mom, a wife, and accountable. 

Gone are the days of sleeping in and luxuriating in the pain and exhaustion of the cold and flu season.  It all starts with that little tickle in your throat.  And you know you are doomed to wake up on the wrong side of healthy.

Do you ever remember your mom being sick when you were growing up?  Nope.

There is literally zero wiggle room for us gals to get sick and actually acknowledge it, feed it, water it and pamper it.  Instead I woke up yesterday and fed it every pain and cold med I could find all with a wash down of coffee.  Gross.

Side Note: I do have this incredible husband who picked the kids up from school to give me enough time to take a hot bath to combat the shivers.  Other than that, I just worked right on through this bug all the while feeling miserable and trying to look fabulous, put-together and not the slightest bit weak.

So we typically turn to the over-the-counter cold meds that seemingly have the all-in-one cure for the combined sore throat, aches, fever and cough. 

NEWS FLASH!  CBD can help too! 

One of the primary benefits of CBD is the interaction with CB2 receptors in our endocannabinoid system.  Huh?  Short story, this interaction has a balancing effect on our immune system.  So when our immune system is out of whack , CBD can lift it back up (or down depending on your illness).  This is the preventative aspect of CBD for cold and flu.

CBD also has anti-proliferative properties.  Those nasty cold viruses can be stopped in their tracks with your CBD usage. CBD can halt cell growth of foreign cells in your body.

My goodness!  We humans have this one body.  We continue to push it whether it feels great or terrible.  And when we feel terrible, we don’t rest like we should.  We just push harder and feed it nasty medication, coffee and a splash of water.

Fruits, vegetables, water, protein…the basics of a healthy lifestyle are obvious and we are all probably doing an okay job of getting those elements into our routine.  Vitamins sometimes find their way in (if you can remember to take time to open the container, find a glass of water and actually swallow them down).  Why don’t we give ourselves the time for the self-care that we need?

Now.  That’s the word that comes to mind.  Everything on our list should be done ‘now’.  We are caught in this tornado of swirling stuff to do and it all has to be done now, today, yesterday, 5 minutes ago.

So our challenge for you today is to start taking CBD…NOW.  Not only is it a must in your daily routine, but it will ease the pain of that annoying and inevitable tickle.

Don’t brace yourselves.  Do douse yourselves!

Best of luck to you and hoping that the man flu doesn’t hit anytime soon.  More on that one another time!

Thank you as always for pressing PAUSE with us.

XOXO Torrey & Dawn

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