Our self-care secret is out. 

It’s CBD. 

Now, self-care is all about you… as it should be… but, chances are you have some special people in your life who are also deserving of some feel-good moments. 

So, as you shop for your newest, CBD-powered partner in crime, keep the other women in your life top of mind. 

Hint: There is something for everyone. 

cbd benefits stress

Pause Perfect Pair

  • Features our powerful, best-selling tincture and highly-effective healing balm
  • Great for CBD beginners and experienced users
  • The duo interacts with internal and external cannabinoid receptors
  • Infused will all-natural healing botanicals

Pause Capsules

  • Easy to swallow, tasteless, and convenient for on the go
  • Each capsule contains 10mg of full-spectrum CBD for accurate dosing
  • Fast-acting softgels that are easily absorbed 
  • Celebrated for overall wellness, pain relief, and inflammation

Pause Bath Bomb

  • Infused with 50mg of full-spectrum CBD in every bomb
  • Lavender essential oils for optimal stress and relaxation support
  • Formulated with clean beauty ingredients
  • Celebrated for melting away pain, tension, and stress

Pause Sleep Tincture

  • Infused with organic CBD, CBN, and melatonin
  • Powerful, natural sleep aid for enhancing deeper sleep
  • Helps overcome restlessness while promoting mind-body relaxation
  • Celebrated for moms, sleep disorders, and nighttime anxiety

Pause Daily Ritual

  • Experience the full power of Pause products
  • Features our best-selling Tincture, Capsules, and Healing Balm
  • The perfect starter kit for your daily self-care ritual
  • All three work synergistically together to provide optimal support

Pause Bloom Tea (10-Pack)

  • 10mg water-soluble CBD isolate in every tea bag
  • Decaffeinated herbal tea blend formulated for women’s wellness
  • Dreamy, subtly sweet flavors with floral aromas
  • Celebrated for PMS and menopause relief

Pause Muscle & Joint Cream

  • Luxuriously light, absorbent, and effective
  • Infused with 500mg of full-spectrum CBD, essential oils, and antioxidants
  • Designed for soothing larger impacted areas
  • Celebrated for deep tissue pain, arthritis, and inflammation

Pause Sleep Duo

  • Ultimate duo for achieving a restful night of sleep
  • Features our powerful Sleep Tincture and Bloom Herbal Tea
  • Works together to enhance restorative properties 
  • Celebrated for comprehensive sleep support and overall women’s wellness

Pause Intimacy Spray

  • Formulated to enhance pleasure, heighten sensitivity, and ease discomfort
  • Infused with a special blend of CBD and natural botanicals
  • Perfect for using with a partner or alone
  • Celebrated for sensual experiences, menopause, and endometriosis 

Pause Soothe and Settle

  • Perfect for at-home spa getaways
  • Features our best-selling Chai Tea, Healing Balm, and 3 Lavender Bath Bombs
  • Enjoy each product alone or combine for ultimate relaxation
  • Soothe and settle your daily stresses, muscle tension, joint inflammation, and other aches and pains

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