our mission

Just like everything strong women do, our mission is bold but achievable. We want to help women around the world improve their everyday lives. We will empower them to embrace their imperfect moments, allow themselves the time to press pause and heal in whichever way they need in order to be their most vibrant selves. Bold? Yes. Achievable? Most definitely.


In 2011, a group of wonderfully authentic women was assembled for a series of evenings to be recognized as the “one little word club”. Each woman was to choose a word – a word to focus on, internalize, reflect upon, and be accountable for as we all went about the daily lives we were uniquely drowning in. Whether it was our careers, marriages, children, or need to keep up with our social media image, we were all overwhelmed and in search of something to ground us. For one woman, the word was “PAUSE”. It was that word that stood out to this tribe of brave women. We all need a moment of Pause when life starts to spin wildly out of control and so The Press Pause Project was born.

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press pause cbd sustainability


At Press Pause, we deeply care about Mother Earth and are dedicated to making the right choices for the health of our communities and the environment. We’ve always prioritized high standards for our sustainability pledge, taking a critical eye to our packaging, sourcing, and shipping practices. We always welcome your thoughts and feedback in helping us further reduce our environmental impact and ways we can educate one another. While the journey to sustainability is long, it is up to each of us to be the difference in everything we do.

We operate a sustainable manufacturing process and our CBD is as pure as it gets – we source it from organically-raised farms in Colorado and Oregon.

Our commitment to quality

Every drop is designed to work in harmony with our intricate biology – to support us through the beautiful ups and downs of our everyday lives.

Made for women, by women

We provide an open platform for women to come together and are always striving for meaningful partnerships that empower womanhood. Women are stronger together – always.

A Community


Press Pause is part of the Tenacious Labs family, a pioneering cannabinoid group paving the way for the CBD industry. Passionate about health, wellbeing, and mood management, their mission is to help develop brands for unique audiences during an exciting phase of growth – all while maintaining the highest standard of regulation and quality.


Drowning in her own “beautiful disaster” as she calls it, after juggling three children, a career, an anxiety disorder, and the pressure to be perfect, Founder Dawn Fable turned to CBD oil to save her from breaking point.

The incredible part? It worked. After her personal discovery of the powers of CBD, Dawn looked around her and saw too many women and mothers in a similar position – and so Press Pause was born.

CBD Standards

We like our CBD like our people: non-toxic.

CBD Sourcing

There are so many reasons to love hemp. From its high sustainability to its non-intoxicating source for CBD, this miracle plant makes it that much easier to uphold our high-quality standards. We only source our CBD from natural, non-GMO hemp farms in Colorado and Oregon that use strict organic farming practices.


CO2 extraction is the gold standard for CBD. It produces the most effective, quality extracts while eliminating the risk of toxic solvent residues and undesirable plant waxes and chlorophyll. The result is pure CBD with intact cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum therapeutic potential.


Our high-quality standards envelop all of the ingredients in our formulations. With over 1600 ingredients on our prohibited list, we only include essential botanicals that amplify the power of CBD. We may be minimalists but we believe in only providing necessary, healing ingredients in all of our products.

Manufacturing Certifications

We proudly manufacture all of our CBD products in our cGMP-certified facility. All of our products are proudly cruelty-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.


All of our products are third-party, independent lab tested for efficacy and quality. With multiple rounds of testing to ensure our quality standards are met at every step of the process, we value transparency and integrity.

Innovative &

Dynamic innovation meets real-world implementation. We create products that carve consumer interest, dictate trends, challenge the competition, and define what’s possible in our emerging world. With specialist cannabinoid manufacturing and expertise, we also have a steadfast commitment to the rules and regulations in each of the regions our products are sold in.